Working in a job that does not align to your values can lead to burnout.

• You feel confused, uncertain, or frustrated on your career path.

• You enjoy aspects of your work but something just feels off.

• You are between jobs, a new grad or want to explore your options.

• You feel disappointed with your career or job prospects. 

You have gotten all you can out of your current job and you feel excited to try a new opportunity!

TOGETHER we will:


Step 1

Explore your personal and professional goals to create an action plan that honours your interests, lifestyle and aspirations.

Step 2

Engage in fun career exploration activities to discover your values, skills and what brings you joy.

Step 3

Develop stress management strategies so that you can feel calm and at ease throughout your work day.

Step 4

Gain clarity on your purpose, mission and how you want to contribute to the world.

Step 5

Discover your preferences for work environments, personalities and communication strategies so that you can feel heard and supported at work.

Step 6

Explore new opportunities that make you feel excited, energised and hopeful on your career journey!

Don’t wait until you’ve reached your goal to be proud of yourself, be proud every step you take forward.

Karen Salmansohn

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